Condo Insurance

If you own a condo in Florida, you need condo insurance from Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency to fill gaps left by your condo owners association (COA) policy. You see, your COA master policy covers the exterior of your condo building and liabilities occurring in common areas like the lobby and tennis court. However, for your condo’s interior and assets, you need condo insurance for optimal protection.

What does condo insurance cover?

If you have second thoughts about condo insurance, don’t worry because this coverage covers you in more than one way. Here are the areas covered by condo insurance:

  • Interior of your dwelling: If a covered peril damages ceilings and floors, condo insurance compensates you for the repairs, lessening your financial burden.
  • Contents coverage: What would your condo look like without assets like electronics and furniture? An empty shell. For this reason, you need condo insurance to cover damage or loss when perils like fire and theft strike.
  • Liability protection: Like home insurance, condo insurance covers you when others are accused of property damage and bodily injury. For instance, if your son causes property damage to your neighbor, condo insurance covers the ensuing property damages.
  • Loss of use: Suppose a covered peril like fire damages your dwelling. In that case, you may have to look for a temporary shelter until your dwelling becomes livable again. In the process, you will incur additional living expenses that you hadn’t planned for. Luckily, condo insurance can take care of such costs until your dwelling becomes habitable again.
  • Medical payments: This coverage covers medical costs for guests that sustain injuries while within your condo.

Since condo insurance doesn’t cover the entire building, it’s surprisingly affordable. So, cost shouldn’t be the reason preventing you from purchasing condo insurance in Florida.

Buy condo insurance today!

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