Flood Insurance

Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency serves Florida with the flood insurance it needs to protect homes from rising water damage. We also serve the surrounding states with the same great flood insurance.

Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Any individual with a residence or commercial property in a flood zone A or B area who has a federally backed mortgage must carry flood insurance. Let’s look at that in-depth.


In the US, flood protection is a partnership of three agencies - the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). FEMA studies geography and topography as well as the climate of each area and creates flood models to determine which areas of the US experience the greatest risk of flooding. The agency then creates flood maps for every community in the country that show its flood risk to the plat level. That means you can find your specific property on the map. Each area gets color-coded and letter-coded on the map into designated zones. Properties in zones A and B exhibit the highest risk of incurring flood damage.


NFIP organizes the flood insurance programs offered throughout the country. It approves the local insurance agencies that can offer flood insurance. This lets you obtain this insurance for a little less than you would pay through a non-NFIP affiliated agency. NFIP provides educational materials free to the public that it develops in conjunction with FEMA. These educational materials include home plans that help floodproof the home. The design may use stilts to raise the home off of the ground to a height higher than the highest flood recorded in that area.


Whether the homeowner takes out a mortgage to purchase a home or to build one, the FDIC insures the bank and its loans. Since it does not want to have to pay for unwarranted and unpreventable mortgage loan defaults, it requires all homeowners with an FDIC-backed mortgage to obtain flood insurance.

Although that may sound complex, we at Florida’s Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency can simplify it. You can obtain a flood insurance policy from us that protects your home and property or your commercial property. These two types of policy can cover either your structure only, your contents only, or both. Most home and business owners cover both so they can replace their clothes, electronics, furniture, etc., as well as repair damage to drywall, framing, etc. Renters also purchase these policies, but in a contents-only format.

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