Renters Insurance

Whether you live in Bonita Springs or Pensacola, we can all agree that Florida is an excellent place to rent an apartment. But have you considered renters insurance? Most tenants push away renters’ insurance because they believe that the landlord’s policy covers them. While the landlord has an insurance plan, this covers the building, but not you and your assets.

For the above reason, you need renters’ insurance from Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency to protect what you love most — this coverage protects you as well.

Is renter’s insurance mandatory?

Like most coverages, it’s always essential to start with the basics. Does the state require you to purchase renters’ insurance? The answer is no. There exists no Florida law that requires tenants to invest in renters’ insurance. However, some landlords may require you to buy this coverage before letting their property. So, be sure to read the lease agreement to understand if renters’ insurance is a requirement.

What does renters’ insurance cover?

Does renters’ insurance cover your clothing? What about if someone steals your laptop while in the car? Does it cover belongings only? If asking these questions, here is what renters insurance covers.

Personal property

Renters insurance covers damage or loss to your property. For instance, if water damage from a burst pipe destroys your electronics, renters’ insurance got your back. Similarly, if your tablet is stolen while traveling abroad, renters’ insurance will compensate you for the loss.

Liability coverage

You could be responsible for injuries that occur to other people on your premises. In the same breath, you are deemed liable if you or a family member cause property damage to a third party's property. But either way, liability claims are your insurer’s headache if you have invested in renters’ insurance.

Loss of use

If a covered peril damages your dwelling, renters’ insurance covers additional living expenses until your home or apartment becomes livable again.

Renters insurance in Florida

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