Does auto insurance cover a rental vehicle?

If you are thinking about going on vacation or just getting away for a weekend, you may decide to use a rental vehicle to get there. When you rent a vehicle you will be asked about how you are going to insure the vehicle. The rental company prefers that you buy their insurance, but do you really need to? At Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency in Gainesville, FL, we will be happy to talk to you about whether you need to purchase rental insurance. 

The answer to the question does auto insurance cover a rental vehicle is yes if you have the correct coverage. In Florida, if you have basic insurance, that means you only have liability coverage. This protects other drivers from you and an accident that you cause. Florida is a no-fault state, so this is less of an issue for you than in a fault state. The rental company will try to sell you excess liability coverage. If you are comfortable with your coverage, you don’t need this excess coverage. 

If this is the only coverage you have, then you need to get collision and comprehensive coverage from somewhere. You should check first with your credit card company to see if it offers car rental coverage. It may be a less expensive option. If, however, that option isn’t available to you, you should accept the collision damage waiver from the rental car company. 

While technically CDW is not insurance, it takes away the liability for any damage to the vehicle from you and gives it back to the rental car company. It is not inexpensive but, not having to worry about getting in an accident and paying to repair the vehicle makes it worth the expense. 

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