Is umbrella insurance mandatory in Gainesville, FL?

Umbrella insurance was designed to shield you from all kinds of lawsuits, whether it’s a road or home accident.  Lawsuits rain everywhere, and there are no criteria of knowing when you will be hit by one.  That’s why Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency recommends buying umbrella insurance to add an extra layer of protection in case you get sued.  Read on to learn more about umbrella insurance in Gainesville, FL.

Umbrella insurance is NOT mandatory

Insurance experts encourage people to buy umbrella insurance, but that doesn’t mean it’s a legal requirement. Nobody will sue you for not carrying a personal umbrella policy. The decision to buy solely depends on your needs and the amount of protection you need.  You will need to assess your risk level depending on the nature of your job, wealth, and lifestyle.

Are there specific umbrella insurance requirements?

Every insurance agent in Gainesville, FL operates differently and will have different requirements during the application. Remember, you need to have a home, boat, motorcycle, and other standard insurance policies to buy umbrella insurance.  If you have an auto insurance policy with minimum liability coverage, your umbrella insurer may require you to increase your limits to qualify for umbrella insurance. Other companies may need you to insure all your properties with them and add umbrella insurance as an endorsement.

How much umbrella insurance is enough?

Since the policy is not self-sufficient, it is critical to speak to your insurance agent to help you know how much insurance to buy based on your needs and the current standard insurance limits. If you’re wealthy, you need to pay more premiums on your umbrella policy to get the most out of your policy.

Not sure where to start your insurance journey? Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency can help you get the most out of your umbrella policy. Feel free to call us, and our insurance team will be happy to help.