What Northern Florida Homeowners Should Know About Flood Insurance

Northern Florida is well known for beautiful weather and, at times, unpredictable weather. Whether you are new to the region or a lifelong resident, understanding the basics of flood insurance is essential as a homeowner. 

Homeowner’s Insurance Is Not Enough

Some new residents mistakenly assume a standard homeowner’s insurance policy is sufficient to protect their homes when water damage occurs. Unfortunately, these policies sometimes only cover water damage from a source inside your home, such as a busted pipe. Water damage caused by torrential rain, storm surge, or other weather events may not be covered. Protection from these events generally requires a separate flood insurance policy.

Your Flood Zone Matters

The state’s northern region is divided into various flood zones that classify its risk level. Knowing your home’s classification is essential to understanding your coverage needs. Much of the Gainesville, FL region is designated a high-risk zone, including ratings of A and AE. Given this increased flood threat, flood insurance is vital, and adequate coverage is also essential. At Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency, we can help you understand your zone rating.

There May Be A Waiting Period

Another surprise newcomers often encounter is the waiting period. Many policies require a 30-day waiting period between purchase and coverage activation. As such, homeowners who wait to secure flood insurance until a named storm is projected to target the region may not be covered at the time of impact. Securing insurance early is best to ensure you are protected when the unexpected occurs.

Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency Is Here To Help!

Knowing the important details and being proactive about flood insurance is essential. The more you understand the region’s unique risks, the better equipped you are to implement the necessary safeguards. Contact us at Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency. We are happy to serve the Gainesville, FL area and here to help you protect your home.