Does auto insurance cover a rental vehicle?

If you are thinking about going on vacation or just getting away for a weekend, you may decide to use a rental vehicle to get there. When you rent a vehicle you will be asked about how you are going to insure the vehicle. The rental company prefers that you buy their insurance, but do you really need to? At Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency in Gainesville, FL, we will be happy to talk to you about whether you need to purchase rental insurance. 

The answer to the question does auto insurance cover a rental vehicle is yes if you have the correct coverage. In Florida, if you have basic insurance, that means you only have liability coverage. This protects other drivers from you and an accident that you cause. Florida is a no-fault state, so this is less of an issue for you than in a fault state. The rental company will try to sell you excess liability coverage. If you are comfortable with your coverage, you don’t need this excess coverage. 

If this is the only coverage you have, then you need to get collision and comprehensive coverage from somewhere. You should check first with your credit card company to see if it offers car rental coverage. It may be a less expensive option. If, however, that option isn’t available to you, you should accept the collision damage waiver from the rental car company. 

While technically CDW is not insurance, it takes away the liability for any damage to the vehicle from you and gives it back to the rental car company. It is not inexpensive but, not having to worry about getting in an accident and paying to repair the vehicle makes it worth the expense. 

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Things condo insurance doesn’t cover

Condo insurance is not mandated by the state of Florida. If you have a mortgage, it will be required by your lender. Some condo associations also require that owners show proof that they have their own condo policy. The condo association has its own policy to cover the exterior and common areas of the condo units. In Gainesville, FL,  Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency is your local independent insurance agency. 

Like home insurance, condo insurance has exclusions,  things that it won’t cover. While some are the same, others are exclusive to condos. 

Roof and exterior of the building

The exterior of the building, the roof, the parking lot, the exterior of the building are all covered for damage and liability by the condo association master policy. It won’t be included in your condo insurance.


Floods affect every state in the union and Florida is no exception. Floods are not covered by condo insurance. You must purchase flood insurance. Floods are particularly bad in Florida since the heat and humidity can lead to mold in a very short time. 

Earth movement

Earth movement covers several different hazards. It includes earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. In Florida, the most likely one to affect you is a sinkhole. You can get an endorsement that adds coverage to your condo policy or you can purchase a separate policy.

Owner neglect

Condos are less likely to suffer from some of the more obvious owner neglect issues, such as a roof that needs replacing or gutters that are clogged with leaves. These are issues that are the responsibility of the condo association policy, not the owner policy. But there are still things that can lead to damage that owners can cause and these won’t be covered. 

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Things home insurance won’t cover

Gainesville, FL is a great place to call home. As the home of the University of Florida, it has all the good college town vibes that you could want. Making sure your Gainesville home has the right home insurance is important. Florida is a state that faces a lot of weather issues and being prepared with good home insurance is vital. In spite of doing your best, you can’t protect your home from everything. Some hazards are excluded from home insurance. At Peninsula Underwriters Insurance Agency, we work with our customers to make sure that they have the best possible coverage.


Floods are a natural disaster that is all too common. Floods are a hazard that Floridians are all too familiar with. Many people are shocked when they find out that home insurance won’t cover you for flood damage. You need to buy a dedicated flood policy to have the protection you need. 

Owner negligence

It is always important to keep up with the maintenance of your home, but in Florida, with the extreme heat and humidity, it is even more important. Mold can grow very easily if any dampness goes unattended. Bugs grow bigger and faster in Florida, having treatment for bugs and termites is important. If your home is damaged because you haven’t been doing what the insurance company expects in the way of maintenance, they won’t pay to repair the damage. 


All kinds of earth movements are excluded from home policies. In Florida, the most common are sinkholes. The sandy soil makes the entire state prone to these dangerous occurrences. You need to have a dedicated sinkhole policy if you want to feel safe. 

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